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With interest in getting the team website back up and running by some of our members, I have been working diligently to bring it back to life but there is still more work to be completed. This 'rebirth' has had a full blown upgrade under the hood and a fresh paint job to match! It required a clean slate due to multiple discrepancies between outdated software that no longer had product support and the web host refusing to update to supported and compatible services on the web server. As a result, I have moved the domain over to a new web host and have installed the latest version of the forum software that comes with product support. If you had an account previously, you will need to re-register here. I will be looking to integrate Facebook logins in the near future to alleviate needing to remember separate login information.

In the coming days and weeks, more improvements and features will be added so you may see some changes from time to time. If you see me online in these forums and something looks off, I am probably working on things in the backend so don't worry! If you run into any issues or bugs, create a thread in the support forum and I will look into it the cause and work on patching it as quickly as possible.

If you have any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see implemented on here, you are more than welcomed to send those to me as well. I will see if it is something feasible to implement.

Here are some items that I have implemented, or will be in the near future:​
  1. Members are able to add their vehicle(s) to the GARAGES (link above in the navigation tab). This section allows you to post information and pictures of your vehicle(s) for others to see so be sure to show off your projects there if you wish. I have added my vehicle there as an example of what that would look like. If you would like to see something in this section, let me know and I will see if it is something that I can add.
  2. EVENTS! Leads will have the ability to create events for their chapter with all relevant information such as date and time the event is scheduled for, location, and even an option to RSVP with "Attending, Maybe, and Not Attending". Upon creating an event, a thread is automatically generated in the corresponding chapter forum for all event discussions.
  3. LIVE CONTENT UPDATES! Every 15 seconds, the forum will check for new posts, conversation replies, etc. and load those if they occurred on the page that you are viewing without you needing to refresh/reload the website. For example, if you are viewing a thread and someone else replies to that thread, you will see what they posted within 15 seconds without reloading that thread. The same applies to private conversations between each other. You will also see any new conversation/alerts indicators at the top right of the navigation bar similar to what you would see on Facebook. Neat, huh?!
  4. Previously, WordPress was utilized as the content management system if we wanted to post articles on event and show coverage. That will no longer be used due to issues between it and XenForo in this latest version. Instead, the updated version of forum software provides an addon that offers the same features but without the headache. Once I have installed and implemented that, Chapter Leaders will be able to use it to post articles that will appear on the website's homepage.​

With that being said -- happy posting!

~ Michael​
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