As you may have noticed, the team’s website has had a makeover. Better yet, it had a full blown upgrade under the hood as well. It has been upgraded to the latest in forum and content management software, visually redesigned to provide a new look and feel, offering a more streamlined navigation, responsive layout for multiple platforms and new features and there are more to come in the future as well. While Facebook may still be the primary means of communication, expanding the website’s capability and overall online presence is vital in this digitally driven world. The goal with our new website is to provide our visitors and members with more robust tools at their fingertips such as integrated social media buttons for sharing content, a quick snap of the latest photos from the team’s Instagram page, comprehensive article on member’s builds, coverage of shows and events that we attend, and so forth.

If you run into any problems or notice an issue, please let me know on here or on Facebook. There may be some kinks to work out here and there but overall, everything should be working fully.

– Michael

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