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PASSION, FRIENDSHIP. FAMILY. Those three words are the team's core values and the foundation of what Team Sunworks and its members are about. Since the team was created in 2005, it has spread out not just throughout the United States of America but internationally as well. It consists of more than 80 members, 10 chapters, and numerous prospects that are going through the process of becoming not just another team member, but a member of the family. To this day, Team Sunworks continues to grow and its recognition is spreading throughout the network of car shows and events from the west coast to the east coast and across the ocean. This growth is only possible because of the connection that each and every one of our team members, prospects and friends have established over the years. This team is not just about our cars. It is about our team members, family and friends, and those people just so happen to have a passion for building cars whether it is for show or for the track and having fun doing so with our closest friends that have become a family to us all.
In 2005, a group of friends who had a passion for building cars and bikes founded Team Sunworks in Houston, TX. Initially, the team consisted of David (Kimo), Nick, Mirza and Alex but has since expanded globally. The team's logo, a triangle depiction of the Rising Sun, came to Nick one night in a dream and to this day remains unchanged. Kimo crafted the idea for the team's banner which consists of the team's name with a star. Just as the team's logo has remained unchanged throughout the years, it has become an internationally recognized symbol for the team and it's core values.

Prior to Team Sunworks, Kimo was the President of Team Twisted, formerly known as Twisted Roots Krew, that him and a group of friends in high school had established. As time went on, Team Twisted became less active with only a few remaining members left. Shortly after Team Sunworks was founded, Kimo brought on the remaining members of Team Twisted and decided to hold a local meet. Online invitations were sent out and the local meet was a huge success. What started out as a small group of friends enjoying their passion for cars and bikes quickly grew as they met many others the shared that very same passion. The team continued to grow and in January of 2007, the team won their first team trophy and set the precedence for many more team awards from that day forward.

The team's recognition quickly spread towards other states. Having started in Houston, TX, the team established another chapter in Florida and then over in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Today, the team has chapters in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, the Pacific Northwest and internationally with members in Sweden.
Gathering a list of team awards...

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